CJ Logistics in


The second CJ Logistics located in the center of the Asia


  • 77Warehouses

  • 267Vehicles

  • 953Employees

CJ Logistics has shown steady growth in China since the company entered the market in 2004, and is now expediting the foundation of a 2nd CJ Logistics in China through M&As and a joint venture. Since 2013, the CJL is developing averagely 34% in every year.

  • 2016Joint verture compan - CJ Speedex was built.
  • 2015CJ Rokin was mergered.
  • 2014First business operation in Shanghai.
  • 2013CJ Smart Cargo was mergered.
  • 2010China HQ was built in Shanghai.


CJ Logistics runs for the global logistics market leadership. CJ Logistics challenges for the World's No.1 service provider over being best in Korea.

CJ Logistics CHINA
Unit 501, Tower #7, #988 Shenchang Rd, Shanghai (PRC 201107)
+86 21 5329 2602

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