With cutting-edge TES logistics technology and an extensive global logistics network, CJLogistics offers a peerless One-Stop logistics solution that connects the world.

One-Stop Logistics Solution

One-stop Logistics Solutions Completed through Core Businesses

One-Stop Logistics Solution

CJ Logistics boasts an e-fulfillment solution optimized for e-commerce. From storage of goods to shipping and delivery that follows customer order as well as inventory management, we provide the best one-stop logistics service.

CJ Logistics is taking advantage of its dominant role in the parcel industry by making use of world‐leading infrastructure and cutting‐edge technology.

Based on specialized business experience for each industry group and cutting‐edge IT solutions, CJ Logistics provides the very best total logistics services for customers.

Our total logistics services include the sea & air transport of import/export freight, customs clearance, storage, and international express services in the global e-Commerce market.

By drawing on Korea’s most extensive logistics infrastructure and freight-specific equipment (which CJ Logistics directly operates), we are able to provide optimally customized stevedoring & sea transportation services.

One-Stop Logistics Solution
  1. TES-based Logistics Consulting
  2. International Transport
  3. Stevedoring
  4. Clearance
  5. Transport
  6. Warehouse
  7. Distribution
  8. Delivery
  9. Customer



CJ Logistics has developed a convergence logistics innovation system based on Technology (T), Engineering (E), and System & Solution (S).
Based on our expertise in TES, we will lead smart logistics and secure logistics digitalization technology in response to the fast-changing market environment and hence lead paradigm shifts in the logistics industry.

  • TTechnology
    Robots that work like humans
  • EEngineering
    Seeing the Future with Data
  • SSystem & Solution
    Always connected
Leading Logistics 4.0


TES Story

Check out these cases of TES, the core competency at CJ Logistics with the aim of being a global leader in logistics innovation.

TES Story Shortcuts
TES Innovation Center
TES Innovation Center

The TES Innovation Center, which introduces the specialized technology capabilities of CJ Logistics, showcases various tools and possibilities for unmanned, predictive, and intelligent logistics.

TES Innovation Center Shortcuts

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