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Motorsports CJ Logistics Superrace Championship

Since 2016, CJ Logistics has been the winner of the ‘CJ Logistics Super Race Championship’. We sponsor as a title sponsor and spread a dynamic motor sports culture.
Motorsports is a sport with global popularity and dynamism that competes with 1/1000th of a second, and it matches the characteristics of logistics services based on speed and accuracy. It represents the image of CJ Logistics, which is leaping forward as a global total logistics company based on the latest logistics technology and differentiated logistics business capabilities.

The ‘Super Race Championship’ is the largest car racing event in Korea that has been approved as the ‘Championship’ title by the Korea Automobile Racing Association (KARA) under the International Automobile Federation (FIA). With the participation of the CJ Group in 2006, it has grown rapidly and established itself as Korea's representative motorsport. In addition, in 2020, we launched Korea's first e-motor sports series, 'CJ Logistics e-Super Race', providing new fun that anyone can enjoy regardless of time and space.
CJ Logistics Racing
CJ Logistics is sponsoring CJ Logistics Racing, which competes in the Super 6000 Class, the top event of the ‘Super Race Championship’, the largest car racing competition in Korea. The Super 6000 Class is the fastest race in Korea where top domestic and foreign athletes ride in the fastest vehicles in Korea.
CJ Logistics Racing is a team that inherited the baton of CJ Racing, which was founded in 2008. It is a prestigious racing team with 15 years of experience that has climbed the podium a total of 106 times since its inception, won more than 30 championships, and fostered a large number of domestic top drivers such as Kim Eui-soo, Hwang Jin-woo, and Kim Jae-hyun.
  • Hansol OhDriver
    Born in 1988
    Han-Sol Oh dreamed of becoming a driver after seeing Jin-Woo Hwang, a senior at CJ Logistics Racing, drive by chance at the Everland Speedway circuit. After completing military service, he joined a karting team and built his career by competing in amateur competitions. In 2012, he was selected as the winner of the 'Super Rookie Project', which was a driver training audition, and debuted in the N9000 class of the Hello Mobile Super Race Championship. WRC Hyundai Motor World Rally Team's driver training was completed.

    Since then, Oh Han-sol, who has been on the podium a total of 18 times and won two championships, has made his name known. In 2018, he drew attention by finishing third overall in the Super Race Championship GT Class Series. He debuted in the Super 6000 class in 2022 as part of Junfitted Racing and finished his first season in 14th overall in the series. He has a strong mentality and has the advantage of quickly adapting to new environments, and more reckless driving skills are expected this season.
    Career and Achievements
    Hansol OhDriver
    Born in 1988
    • 2022CJ Logistics Super Race Championship 6000 class debut and overall 14th place
    • 2019CJ Logistics Super Race Championship GT1 3rd overall
    • 2018CJ Logistics Super Race Championship GT overall 2nd place
    • 2017CJ Logistics Super Race Championship GT2 4th overall
    • 2016Korea Speed ​​Festival Veloster Turbo Masters overall runner-up
    • 2015SBS ‘The Rallyist’ final 4th place selection and WRC Hyundai Motors World Rally Team driver training
    • 2013Hello Vision Super Race Nexen N9000 Class overall runner-up
    • 2011Introduction to Karting / Participated in the Korea Kart Championship

  • Park Jun-seoDriver
    Born in 2001
    Park Jun-seo, who made her racing debut in 2011 at the age of 11 by participating in a karting competition, showed her potential as a driver by winning a surprise victory in her first competition. Park Jun-seo, who started to make her name known by taking an elite course in the karting world, won the domestic karting world again by becoming the series champion in the top class of the 2018 domestic karting competition.

    After that, he made his debut in the GT1 class of the 2019 Super Race Championship and built his career by climbing the podium 4 times in 3 years with his young but calm race operation. Park Jun-seo, who recorded her first win after her professional debut in the 5th round of the 2022 CJ Logistics Super Race Championship GT1 Class, drove that momentum to finish 3rd overall in the series and is drawing attention as a new young gun driver. Everyone is focusing their attention on the performance of Park Jun-seo, who joined CJ Logistics Racing this season and debuted in the 6000 class, the top level in Korea.
    Career and Achievements
    Park Jun-seoDriver
    Born in 2001
    • 2022CJ Logistics Super Race Championship GT1 3rd overall
    • 2021CJ Logistics Super Race Championship GT1 15th overall
    • 2020CJ Logistics Super Race Championship GT1 8th overall
    • 2019CJ Logistics Super Race Championship GT1 debut and overall 13th place
    • 2012~2018Participated in karting competitions such as the 2012~2018 Korea Kart Championship
    • 2011Intro to Karting

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