One-Stop Logistics Solution

Leveraging the most comprehensive infrastructure in the nation,
CJ Logistics is realizing an industry leading logistics service.

e-Commerce Logistics

Experience the authentic one-stop logistics solution
through e-Fulfillment, an e-commerce logistics innovation.

CJ Logistics boasts an e-fulfillment solution optimized for e-commerce. From storage of goods to shipping and delivery that follows customer order as well as inventory management, we provide the best one-stop logistics service.

This reliable e-fulfillment service offered by the innovative global logistics company adds value to clients’ businesses and invites them to experience a service that goes beyond the boundaries of logistics.

Benefits of CJ Logistics e-Fulfillment Process

  • Custom e-Fulfillment Service by industry
    Custom e-fulfillment service for each industry, e.g., food, living, cosmetics, jewelry and home appliances
    Nation-wide logistics centers
  • Parcel Service and Total Convergence Logistics Service
    Shipping, delivery and inventory management upon order, to allow clients to focus on product research and development, promotion and marketing
  • Personalized Service Center
    A dedicated logistics center tailored for each client (small and large cargo owners)
    A common logistics facility and labor for increased operational efficiency and cost saving
  • Same-Day Delivery / Next-Day Arrival
    Same-day shipping for orders made by midnight (00:00)
    Same-day or early morning delivery service for metropolitan areas
    Logistics service for three temperature conditions (room temperature, refrigerated, frozen)
  • Automated Logistics Center
    Increased logistics productivity via fully automated processing, including picking, checking and packaging
    Optimized operation for high seasons and promotional supply through advanced automated processing
  • Monitoring Service
    A linked inventory system for orders collected by site (OMNS) available
    A monitoring system provided to each client to allow the real-time tracking of shipping results, inventory conditions and delivery status

CJ Logistics Exclusive e-Fulfillment Process

Conventional Parcel Delivery Process
  • 01


  • 02

    Storage Center

  • 03

    Parcel SUB Terminal

  • 04

    Parcel HUB Terminal

  • 05

    Parcel SUB Terminal

  • 06


e-Fulfillment Process
  • 01


  • 02

  • 03

    Parcel SUB Terminal

  • 04


e-Fulfillment saves time and cost by simplifying the existing logistics process
to provide our clients with an ideal solution and offer consumers the best service experience possible.

CJ대한통운 가상 e-풀필먼트 체험(증강현실)

24시까지 주문하면 내일 도착!
증강현실을 통해 가상 e-풀필먼트 직접 확인하실 수 있습니다.

가상 e-풀필먼트 증강현실 콘텐츠 체험 방법

  • 01 증강현실App 다운받기 증강현실 App 다운받기 QR코드 (서커스AR/circusAR) 스마트폰으로 QR코드를
  • 02 증강현실 마커 출력 증강현실  마커 이미지 다운로드 이미지를 다운 받은 후
    컬러로 출력해주세요.
  • 03 증강현실App으로 마커 인식 마커 출력물을
    증강현실 App으로 비춰주세요.
  • 04 가상 e-풀필먼트 체험 360도 3D 그래픽으로
    가상 e-풀필먼트를 체험하세요.
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