CJ Logistics plays a major role in global logistics innovation

CJ Logistics CEO, Shin Young Soo

CJ Logistics is leaping forward
as a SCM solution company

leading the global logistics market
through continuous innovation and challenges.

CJ Logistics CEO, Shin Young Soo
Hello, I am Shin Young Soo,
CEO of CJ Logistics.

The past 94 years of CJ Logistics have been a history of relentless challenges against the impossible.

At a time when even the term 'logistics' was unfamiliar, CJ Logistics nurtured the seeds of industrialization,
providing convenience to consumers and global industrial competitiveness to companies, contributing to
the nation and society as the main artery of the industrial field and a stepping stone for economic growth.

Now, based on our top-tier, unrivaled global capabilities, CJ Logistics will leap beyond being the best in
Korea to become a global leading company.

With world-class logistics technology based on AI and big data, and through the exploration of new markets
centered on strategic countries such as the United States, India, and Southeast Asia, we will transform into
a global SCM solution company leading the national core logistics network and the global logistics market.

Along with the growth of our business, we will actively practice sustainable management that meets global
standards, establish a win-win cooperation system for the co-prosperity of various stakeholders, and
become a company respected and loved by customers and society worldwide.

We will create a dynamic and innovative corporate culture where talents can fully exert their abilities,
making CJ Logistics a place where top talents want to come and work.

With a humble mindset, never complacent with the present, we ask for your interest and support in the
continuous innovation and challenges of CJ Logistics as we move towards the future.

Thank you.

CJ Logistics CEO, Shin Young Soo

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