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赛车运动是以千分之一秒论胜负的活力四射并具备全球化和大众化的体育运动,与重视时效和准确性的物流服务的业务特点完美匹配,因此,很好地代言了CJ物流的企业形象。CJ物流正基于先进的物流技术和差异化物流实力,以跨国综合物流公司为目标阔步前进。“速赫威驰锦标赛(Superrace Championship)”是国际汽车联合会(FIA)旗下韩国房车锦标赛协会(KARA)指定“赛车锦标赛”,也是韩国最大规模的赛车大赛。随着CJ集团于2006年参与此项赛事,CJ速赫威驰锦标赛得到了迅猛发展,成为了代表韩国的顶级赛车大赛,从2013年起,韩中日三国联合举办速赫威驰锦标赛亚洲站的赛事,从而成为亚洲最顶级赛车大赛。
CJ Logistics Racing
CJ Logistics Racing车队的前身是CJ车队,CJ车队曾在2009年、2011年、2012年和2013年夺得速赫威驰Super 6000级别冠军。CJ Logistics Racing车队的前身是CJ车队,CJ车队曾在2009年、2011年、2012年和2013年夺得速赫威驰Super 6000级别冠军。CJ Logistics Racing车队现已将领衔 “韩国新生代竞速车手” 的Sunghak Mun和Gwangbin Choi招入麾下。
  • Sunghak Mun(Driver)
    Sunghak MunDriver
    Started his racing career as a Kart driver at the age of 11, Sunghak Mun showed his talent to take upper rank spot in Korea and Japan. He studied abroad in the United Kingdom at the age of 14 for more experience in countries like France and Italy. In the Formula Renault series, he made his debut in the Formula Race and reached ninth in the rankings when he was 17. He became the youngest driver in the class and first Korean to compete in the European Race. Mun was recognized for his ability to advance to F2 (Formula 2) class for the first time as a Korean driver. He plans to unleash his driving skills in the Superrace by joining the CJ Logistics Racing Team in 2020.
    Career and Achievements
    Sunghak Mun(Driver)
    Sunghak Mun
    • 2013F1 Test with Kumho Tires
    • 2013F1 Ambassador
    • 2010Participated in Formula BMW Asia
    • 2010Formula Renault World 3.0 Series Testing with E-Rain
    • 2009F3 Testing with Carlin Motorsport
    • 2008Participated in Formula Renault UK Championship
    • 2007Participated in the Formula Renault series
      (3rd place in 8 games / 9th in point ranking)
    • 2006Formula Renault 2.0 Test
    • 2006Participated in Italia Torneo Industrie International Cup
    • 2006Participated in the Italian Open Masters Championship
    • 2005Asia Pacific Kart Worldcup : 8th overall
    • 2004Participated in European Karting Championship (France) / Studied in the UK
    • 2003KART RACE IN SUZUKA YAMAHA KT100 series : 3rd place
    • 2001Participated in Korea Kart Championship

  • Gwangbin Choi(Driver)
    Gwangbin ChoiDriver
    Gwangbin Choi raised his dream about becoming a racer by watching F1 on TV when he was in middle school. He showed his potential by officially debuting in a kart race in 2012, and finished second in the series at the age of 19. He placed 2nd in the Hyundai Avante Cup Masters Series at the CJ Logistics Superrace Championship in 2018. Then, he competed in the GT1 class, reached onto podium three times and won the final game (ranked 2nd overall) in 2019. Choi is showing his great ability and best performance as he tries to infuse the power of youth into the CJ Logistics Racing Team.
    Career and Achievements
    Gwangbin Choi(Driver)
    Gwangbin Choi
    • 2019CJ Logistics Superrace Championship GT1 Series : 2nd place (achieved course record)
    • 2019GT1 Class, Veloster N Cup (One Racing Team / Picamol Racing)
    • 2018CJ Logistics Superrace Championship Avante Cup Masters : 2nd overall
    • 2018CJ Superrace Avante Cup Masters (Hyundai Driving Academy)
    • 2017KSF Hyundai Avante Cup Challenge Series : 2nd place
    • 2017Participated in KSF Avante Cup Challenge (Hyundai Driving Academy)
    • 2012
      ~ 2016
      Introduced to Kart – Junior-Senior Class (F5 Monster)

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