We propose customer-oriented logistics solutions that will lead the future by
combining state-of-the-art technology, optimal processes, and the best IT services.


Based on CJ Logistics' unique consulting methodology, we provide comprehensive solutions that reduce customer logistics costs and optimize operations by combining specialized logistics technologies and IT solutions to help customers strengthen their business competitiveness.
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    CJ Logistics provides comprehensive consulting service of SCM / Logistics based on experience and differentiation capability accumulated in Korea's largest logistics consulting organization.
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    By proposaling innovative measures that can be realized through the convergence of TES and process improvement, it contributes to productivity improvement of 10% or more and reduction of logistics cost. (Gross annual averages from 2007 to Current)
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    CJ Logistics is leading customers by providing more than 100 consulting services per year to leading companies in various industries. (From 2014 to Current)

Consulting Service Area

Total logistics consulting service for ideal operations: SCM analysis, process innovation, network design, transportation optimization and more

Consulting Service Area

Differentiated Consulting Service

We trailblaze smart logistics via TES technology, through a consulting organization dedicated to digital transformation based on data science.

  • Superior logistics expert Resources

    • Has Master and Ph.d workforce(about 67%) who have more than 5 years experience in logistics field
    • SCM / Logistics, Business Administration, Industrial Engineering
  • Unparalleled consulting practices in various industries
    Global Reference

    • Reference accumulation through consulting more than 100 cases per year
    • Securing contents of global consulting through local consulting in China, Southeast Asia and the Americas
  • Proven-Consulting Methods

    • Securing the methodology by each module of logistics consulting
    • SCM/Logistics diagnosis, Network optimization, Warehouse design, Improvement of logistics operation, Transpotation efficiency
  • Optimization Design & Simulation Tool

    • Network optimization, Transportation optimization, Logistics operation process optimization, Loading rate optimization about vehicle and container
    • Warehouse layout 3D modeling
    • Demand forecasts for logistic response capa. estimation
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