CJ Logistics supports the United Nations with the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

CJ Logistics CSV

CJ CSV Management

CJ Logistics contribute to addressing social challenges through CJ CSV (Creating Shared Value) – Creative Management, Win-Win Management and Sharing Management.
CSV will remain a center of management philosophy of CJ Logistics.

CJ commitment to creating shared value

  • First, CJ will commit to facilitating CSV with CJ’s strengths in the areas which need the most social care and support.
  • First, CJ will support and help the youth discover and fulfill their dreams through participating in CSV activities.
  • First, CJ will actively lead the creation of jobs for people who face more challenges in finding jobs such as young generations, women and the elderly.
  • First, CJ will foster a mutually beneficial business ecosystem with cooperating companies through the fair division of roles and responsibilities.
  • First, CJ will also contribute to the global community by implementing CSV in the societies and countries CJ has expanded to.

CSV System

CJ Logistics has re-established its mid and long-term CSV strategic systems to ensure sustainable and systematic CSV management and activities. As a leading global CSV company, we will continue to create sustainable social values and achieve growth through establishing a win-win ecosystem.

CSV mid to long-term strategy system

CSV mid to long-term strategy system

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