CJ Logistics’ Award-winning Packaging Innovations


▶  CJ Logistics’ “Tapeless Delivery Packaging Solution,” was an award-winner at the WorldStar 2024 Packaging Awards

CJ Logistics announced on January 25 that their “Tapeless Delivery Packaging Solution,” presented at the WorldStar 2024 Packaging Awards, won an award in the e-Commerce sector. 

This solution, consisting of the One-Touch Box and Invoice Type Tape, was highly praised for its eco-friendliness via eliminating Oriented Polypropylene (OPP) tape in the box packaging process as well as significantly reducing time.

CJ Logistics winning an award in the e-commerce sector with their Invoice Type Tape and One-Touch Box 

The World Packaging Organization (WPO) hosts the annual WorldStar Packaging Awards, one of the most prestigious awards in the packaging industry, for the advancement of packaging design and technology. This year, 435 companies from 41 countries participated, among which 10 Korean companies were honored with awards. In the e-commerce sector specifically, CJ Logistics was the only winner from South Korea. The logistics leader continues to demonstrate its competitiveness on the global stage, following its win of the “KAPPE PRIZE” at the “Korea Star Awards” hosted by Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in 2023.

The Invoice Type Tape was created to simultaneously seal the top of the box and attach the shipping label, reducing waste and saving time. While the conventional method requires sealing the top of the box with OPP tape and then attaching the label separately, the new and improved adhesive eliminates the taping process, reducing packaging working hours by approximately 10%. Additionally, consumers can protect their personal information by removing their billing details while opening the box.

The One-Touch Box is a solution that assembles itself as soon as it is unfolded, allowing anyone to construct a parcel quickly and effortlessly, improving packaging efficiency by about 44% when compared to existing packaging methods. Traditional cardboard boxes take a considerable amount of time to create, so they are often folded in advance and stacked in the corner of the logistics center for later use. Meanwhile, the new boxes can be put together in an average of 3-4 seconds, which not only saves working time but can also improve the space efficiency of the logistics center.

A new technology acclaimed as “world-class,” recognized for its efficiency and eco-friendliness

The OPP film and adhesive tapes, which are difficult to remove during separate waste collection, are known to reduce the recycling rate of cardboard boxes and can be harmful to the overall environment. 

CJ Logistics forecasts the use of the new solution will lead to a decrease in the use of OPP tapes while boosting the recycling rate of cardboard boxes. Furthermore, CJ Logistics plans to implement a sustainable environment based on the 3R principle: reduce (use of plastics), recycle and reuse (cardboard boxes).

“As the annual parcel volume exceeds 4 billion boxes and logistics becomes an essential infrastructure of life, eco-friendly packaging is a prerequisite for a sustainable future,” said Kim Kyung-hoon, director of CJ Logistics TES Logistics Technology Research Institute. He added, “We will continue to accelerate packaging technology innovation in light of this reward, which has been recognized on the global stage.”

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