Five CJ Logistics golfers competing in THE CJ CUP in South Carolina

CJ Logistics announces that five professional Korean golfers sponsored by the company will participate in THE CJ CUP, October 20-23, at the Congaree Golf Club in South Carolina.
Korean golfers sponsored by CJ Logistics participating in the CJ CUP

Leading global logistics company CJ Logistics has announced that five professional Korean golfers under their sponsorship ­­– Joo-Hyung Kim, Sung-Jae Im, Kyoung-Hoon Lee, Si-Woo Kim, Byeong-Hun An ­–have committed to play at THE CJ CUP.

THE CJ CUP is an annual PGA TOUR event sponsored by CJ Group, this year taking place October 20-23 for the first time at the Congaree Golf Club in South Carolina.

Joo-Hyung Kim (No.15 world ranking), Sung-Jae Im (No.20 world ranking), Kyoung-Hoon Lee (No.42 world ranking), and Si-Woo Kim (No.73 world ranking), also known as “the CJ Brothers,” were recently listed among the top 100 golf players in the world.

Five golfers, including four participating in THE CJ CUP, have won a total of ten PGA Tour titles collectively since the start of their CJ Logistics’ sponsorship periods.

Joo-Hyung Kim, who began receiving sponsorship from CJ Logistics in 2020, recently became the youngest golfer to achieve two wins in PGA TOUR history. Following his first PGA TOUR victory at this August’s Wyndham Championship, Kim also won the PGA Tour Shriner’s Children’s Open in Las Vegas, Nevada, just two months later.

CJ Logistics has been sponsoring men’s golf, a less popular sport in the company’s native Korea, since 2016. The company’s strategy focuses on discovering promising young players and helping them pursue their dreams.

In the US, CJ Logistics America supports the CJ Corporation’s sports marketing initiative. “We will continue to strengthen our sales activities to expand our US logistics business through various marketing activities linked to golf,” said CJ Logistics America’s CEO Kevin Coleman.

Analysts view the CJ Corporation’s “ONLYONE” management philosophy as a major factor in the success of the company’s sports marketing. The philosophy encompasses CJ’s values for becoming “first, best and different” in all aspects. With the ONLYONE philosophy at the heart of all its operations, CJ continues to create innovative products, services, systems, and businesses.

CJ Logistics and CJ Logistics America

CJ Logistics provides integrated global supply chain services, maximizing customer value through continuous improvement and innovation. Currently, CJ Logistics operates technology-driven logistics businesses at 280 bases in 40 countries around the world, including CJ Logistics America. With a focus on social responsibility and sustainability through growth with customers and communities, CJ Logistics prioritizes the well-being of the end consumer. CJ Logistics offers an integrated, one-stop SCM service platform with air and sea international freight forwarding, warehousing and transportation contract logistics, asset-based transportation, parcel and express delivery, and supply chain consulting. As a lead logistics partner (LLP), third-party logistics provider (3PL) and supply chain consultant, CJ Logistics helps customers leverage supply chain management as a competitive advantage, reducing total system costs, transforming business processes, improving service and facilitating growth and change. CJ Logistics America, a division of CJ Logistics, is responsible for leading warehousing, transportation and freight forwarding operations across the North America region, specializing in solutions for regulated industries such as food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, healthcare and medical supplies, and tire and automotive.

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