Brand We see this kind of day “O-NE” (come) after all the years
2023. 04. 28


CJ Logistics’ O-NE, the Only One delivery solution for all, attracts attention from the public immediately after releasing the campaign, and forecasts a shift in the paradigm of logistics. It caught people's eye with the intuitive naming that they will never forget once they hear, sensuous campaign images, extensive delivery service, and various consumer events. The public have responded favorably, expressing their curiosity and interest after first encountering O-NE in the campaign images or through delivery notice text messages.

‘O-NE’ Brings the Response


There is a saying that it takes only 3 seconds to form a first impression. Then how was the first impression of O-NE? It appears that the public had a very favorable first impression of it. Various indicators show the public expectations of and excitement over the new delivery service. Since the first campaign was released on March 6th, the number of social buzz related to O-NE has reached over 16,000 on online channels, while the number of business inquiries about a possible delivery contract has increased threefold on the official website. These figures imply that O-NE's core message and differentiated image have appealed to the public in relatively short time, garnering strong interest from the market and the customers. 

‘O-NE’ Brings the Excitement


People who used CJ Logistics’ services received an O-NE message that was different than usual, so they resolved their curiosity by visiting the official website or searching on Naver. With reactions such as “What is the identity of O-NE?” or “An emergence of a new delivery service?”, people spontaneously posted to the blogs about how they got to know O-NE. Tens of postings have been uploaded to the blogs since the launch of the campaign, further gathering the public interest in it. Many people who left a post to the campaign images found it especially interesting that the name can also mean ‘ONE’ without the hyphen. Some other posters expressed their expectations of a new type of service, triggered by the phrase, “All O-NE regardless of the time, the location and the product.” The “Shop Owner” image that targeted the sellers, who were not directly mentioned in the previous delivery advertisements, resonated with the actual sellers. 

Expectations Come True with ‘O-NE’

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To lead these public expectations to positive experiences, CJ Logistics is preparing for various events upon the full-scale launch of the O-NE service. In March, the company strengthened its partnership with AliExpress and CaiNiao, both being affiliated with Alibaba Group, to enable its consumers to enjoy international direct purchase as easy and convenient as domestic shopping, based on the integrated delivery service, O-NE. It will offer an innovative shopping experience by delivering the international direct purchase products in 3 to 5 days, which take up to 1 to 2 weeks so far.
CJ Logistics successfully introduced “Guaranteed Tomorrow O-NE” in April, based on the principles of “speedy delivery” and “guaranteed delivery.” The existing service has also performed the next-day delivery, but it may have taken 2 to 3 days for the delivery subject to the seller's daily or seasonal fluctuations in the orders received. On the contrary, “Guaranteed Tomorrow O-NE” ensures that the product ordered today is delivered by tomorrow, based on a separate service contract made with the seller. The new service is expected to create a win-win relationship as consumers expand enjoyable shopping experiences with the fast and secure delivery, while sellers enhance their business competitiveness by securing loyal consumers. 
We plan to launch the “Sunday O-NE” that guarantees delivery even on Sundays in the first half of 2023, paying attention to every detail to provide the delivery service everybody has dreamed of. 



CJ Logistics is also preparing various promotional events, including collaborative events with customer companies, to provide the consumers with more of fun O-NE experiences. Subsequent to our March event named “<john 4="" chapter="" wick:=""> O-NE!” that presented tickets for the movie, we are now holding an event called “Monthly O-NE” to present a monthly recommended book in collaboration with the Kyobo Book Center this April.</john>


O-NE, CJ Logistics’ integrated delivery solution, will continue to present the Only One delivery solution for all and create a more convenient world. Please look forward to the new, joyful delivery life that comes with O-NE! 

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▶ 알리익스프레스 빠른 해외직구 … CJ대한통운으로 ‘오네(O-NE)’

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