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CJ Logistics’ LoIS Forwarders, a digital forwarding system
2022. 12. 15

International logistics is a logistics and transport service that is provided across countries, and thus more complex and difficult than domestic logistics. This is because each country has different laws and export/import procedures, and international logistics requires more documents with stricter requirements. International transportation takes a longer time than domestic transportation and is subject to many variables depending on international circumstances or changes in transportation situations.

So, international logistics is carefully managed by forwarders with expertise. There is also a secret method through which you can contact a forwarder with just one click and let it take care of your international logistics job in a fast and accurate manner. We would like you to take a look at LoIS Forwarders, CJ Logistics’ digital forwarding system for end-to-end international logistics services.

* LoIS Forwarders service is available only in Korea

LoIS Fowarders

Get a fast estimate for difficult and complex international logistics.

The first thing you do for international logistics is to find a forwarder. However, you might come to a dead-end right at the beginning due to being unfamiliar with the international transportation process, complex import/export documents, logistics jargon, tricky freight rate systems, and slow responses to your inquiries. This often leads to failure in finding a forwarder in a timely manner, and even when you find one, you are not sure if the freight rate has been fairly determined.  


Now, with CJ Logistics’ LoIS Forwarders, you don’t need to worry any more. All you have to do to get a guided estimate in real time is to just enter your departure point, destination, cargo size and cargo weight. You can also request a more detailed estimate if you need. If you enter some additional information, such as transportation requirements, pickup and transportation methods, departure date, cargo details, packaging state, and options, you are able to get a detailed estimate in just one minute. Get detailed estimate with just a few clicks! International logistics is not difficult anymore.

Get a fast estimate for difficult and complex international logistics.

Track your cargo in real time with a world map on your desk

Even after your cargo departs, you might still have many questions, such as where your cargo is now, whether it has shipped well, when it will arrive at the destination, and whether it is going through customs formalities without a problem. CJ Logistics’ LoIS Forwarders provides a real-time transportation management service using digital transformation technology based on Q-Bridge*. You can monitor the whole process of transportation from departure to arrival in real time and check departure and arrival schedule accurately with the real-time mobile notification service. LoIS Forwarders also provide various additional services, including a domestic transportation service, customs clearance agency service, and cargo insurance service.


Track your cargo in real time with a world map on your desk


Track your cargo in real time with a world map on your desk


Track your cargo in real time with a world map on your desk

Track your cargo in real time with a world map on your desk

* Q-Bridge: A CJ Logistics’ own integrated global forwarding system that defines global standards for forwarding based on the characteristics of each country. Q-Bridge is currently used in nine foreign countries, including the US and China, and provides information tailored to each customer through data analysis and portal service.

Track your cargo in real time with a world map on your desk

Accurate and customized forwarding service

International logistics requires a one-stop service that takes care of the whole process of logistics from air, marine, and road transportation of export/import cargo to customs clearance and storage and even cargo insurance. Based on its customized consulting ability, CJ Logistics systematically analyzes logistics costs and freight rates by region and uses this information to design an optimized logistics process. Our reliable international transportation services based on our global network connecting 200 countries around the world actualize reduced logistics costs, improved operational efficiency, and forwarding services tailored to our clients. CJ Logistics is determined to continue our innovation to deliver faster, accurate international logistics services from the perspective of our customers.

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