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2022. 10. 18

SUPER WEEK Enjoy CJ Logistics Sports

CJ Logistics is taking the lead in expanding the base of domestic sports with steady support for motorsports and men's golf, which have been relatively unpopular in Korea. Motorsports have grown rapidly since CJ Group first participated in 2006, and this year the average number of spectators per round has risen to 13,725. The proportion of the MZ generation among ticket buyers increased to 88%, and the reservation rate for 25 to 34-year-olds also steadily remained at 34%, showing its popularity. As for men's golf, a large number of golfers are playing on the PGA Tour thanks to CJ Group's sponsorship. Representative players include Im Sung-jae, Lee Kyoung-hoon, Kim Si-woo, An Byeong-hun and Kim Joo-hyung, whose growth has been attracting attention recently. This year especially, as motorsports and golf will be held simultaneously in one week, CJ Logistics' SUPER WEEK is expected to excite sports fans. CJ Logistics introduces what sports marketing activities have carried out over the years and the various SUPER WEEK events.

Thrilling speed racing, motorsports

Thrilling speed racing, motorsports

A race car that competes for one thousandth of a second advantage reflects the image of CJ Logistics, whose motto is "speed and accuracy." CJ Logistics has been acting as a title sponsor of the Superrace Championship since 2016 and is leading the popularization of motorsports, which have been relatively unpopular in Korea. It also played a big role in establishing Superrace as the best and largest internationally recognized motorsports event in Korea. Since CJ Logistics began sponsoring the event, the total number of spectators has increased sevenfold.

The CJ Logistics Fastest Lap Award, which grants a trophy and prize money to the player with the fastest lap time in every round, imprinted the core of CJ Logistics and motorsports value of speed, on the public. With the fastest player selected for each round, the competition among drivers has become fierce, so spectators find themselves more immersed in the game.

CJ Logistics is also operating its own racing team, CJ Logistics Racing Team, to expand the base of motorsports. CJ Logistics Racing Team is the successor to CJ Racing Team, which won Super 6000 Class Series Championships in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013 Superrace. It was also selected as the most popular team on Super Fan Day in round 5 of CJ Logistics Superrace in 2022.

A constant challenge for the world stage, golf

A constant challenge for the world stage, golf

Golf, a representative global sport, has established itself as a national sport that enthuses even the MZ generation in Korea. CJ Logistics sponsors The CJ Cup, one of the world’s best golf tournaments, serves as a bridgehead for the development of golf in Korea, and is raising global awareness of golf. The CJ Cup is the only regular competition of the PGA Tour in Korea in which domestic male golfers and top-class players are participating. It has been held every year since the first tournament in October 2017, and a large number of golfers belonging to CJ Logistics are participating. Im Sung-jae, Kim Si-woo, Kim Joo-hyung, Lee Kyoung-hoon and An Byeong-hun are expected to participate this year as well. CJ Logistics' sports marketing believed in the potential of promising players and has steadily supported them. They are making a big splash on the PGA Tour. Four CJ Logistics brothers, Im Sung-jae, Kim Si-woo, Lee Kyoung-hoon and Kim Joo-hyung won a combined total of 10 PGA championships. Last May, Kyung-Hoon Lee succeeded in winning the second consecutive championship at AT&T Byron Nelson, and Kim Joo-Hyung became the youngest Korean golfer to win the Wyndham Championship held in August. He is the youngest to achieve two wins faster than the Golf Emperor, Tiger Woods, heralding the birth of a superstar.

The international team, from all over the world excluding Europe, also showed their strength in the President's Cup, an intercontinental golf competition against the United States, the golf powerhouse. All four Korean players who participated in the 2022 President’s Cup international team were golfers affiliated with CJ Logistics, which was a record for the most appearances by Korean players. The Koreans played a great role, winning 7.5 points out of the 12.5 points won by the international team. Those who are writing a new history of golf with their indomitable will and challenging spirit are in line with the challenging spirit of CJ Logistics, which is taking a leap forward for global logistics innovation.

SUPER WEEK is coming:
CJ Logistics Superrace by day and PGA Tour by night, 24 hours of fun

If you're a sports maniac, you can't miss CJ Logistics' SUPER WEEK in the third week of October. Both the Superrace round and The CJ Cup will be held in the same week. The 2022 CJ Logistics Superrace, which will determine the season champion, will be held in a double round at Yongin Everland Speedway for two days from the 22nd to the 23rd, and from the 20th to the 23rd, you can enjoy the live TV broadcast of The CJ Cup, held at Congaree GC located in South Carolina, USA, from the comfort of your home.

CJ Logistics has prepared various events for sports fans who are expecting an unprecedented SUPER WEEK, such as guessing the best score for their golfers and an event for live viewers through CJ Logistics Sports social network channels (@cjlogistics.sports). Gifts are essential to any event, right? CJ Logistics has prepared a lot of gifts, including the CJ Logistics Superrace final round ticket, The CJ Cup hat, golf ball sets, and more. At the Superrace itself, a CJ Logistics booth will be set up so you can experience a racing simulator and other entertainment. How about ending the weekend with a thrill by CJ Logistics Superrace during the day and The CJ Cup at night? Please look for the sports marketing activities of CJ Logistics, which contributes to expanding the base of unpopular sports and does not spare any support until they leap to the global stage.

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