TES ‘A Robot Living in a Distribution Center?’
Top 3 Cutting-Edge Technologies to Make Logistics Go with the Flow
2022. 05. 18

Advanced technologies such as robots, AI, and big data revolutionize logistics as well as our lives. Robots replace manpower with self-initiation and transporting goods. High-function scanners assess logistical information to increase productivity and elevate value in innovative logistics services. This not only provides flexibility in dealing with the growing e-commerce logistics market, but also benefits customers' lives, giving them fast and accurate processing order and delivery. CJ Logistics shares the secrets of innovative logistics solution that will move your hearts.


Maximize workers’ productivity with the
QPS(Quick Picking System)

Imagine you are in the middle of the congested highway. Aren’t you already tired of the traffic? Likewise, there are also bottlenecks happening at logistics sites. In the past, picking, transferring, and discharging operations were all centrally handled on a single conveyor belt, which made it difficult to expedite customer orders. With the Quick Picking System (QPS), the three tasks are automatically separated into different conveyor belts to speed up processing even when high order volumes occur.


When orders are allocated, the box that best fits the order’s size will automatically be sent to the boxing workstation. The designated worker will check the merchandise quantity shown on the digital indicator screen, scan the number of items with wearable scanner and proceed to place the merchandise into the box. The QPS order-to-person (OTP) 3-way conveyor configuration system allows, it enables up to 2,000 cases processed per hour and increased productivity by 48% compared to the traditional DPS (Digital Picking System) operations.


Experience the close-to-perfect automatic
ITS (Intelligent Scanner)

The Intelligent Scanner (ITS) is one of the indispensable technologies used in automation equipment. It is a complex recognition system for logistics information that utilizes advanced intelligence in scanners. On the side of the box, there are logistics information such as images, barcodes, volume, and weight specifications. When the box is transferred along the conveyor, the ITS recognizes the box’s volume with image processing technology and identifies barcode information to automatically classify and inspect the product in a mass-small format.


The efficiency of logistics depends on the functionality of the scanner deployed on-site. Advanced laser vision cameras recognize barcodes at the speed of 150m/s, which saves time in inspection processes by more than 35% with a scan rate of 0.3 seconds per product. While the three-sided/five-sided complex recognition system realizes automatic classification with minimal possibilities of creating errors. With the introduction of the ITS, CJ Logistics can classify about 7,000 products per hour and was able to improve productivity by 200% compared to previous manual task management.


Streamline worker movement and transport time with
AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots)

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) are, self-driving transport robot that can carry up to 50 kg and can travel up to 7.2km/h, with only up to 12 hours of charge time. AMR is a representative solution that is helping to revolutionize the logistics industry. Using remote sensing, LiDAR, and ultrasonic waves to measure distance, AMRs can analyze the surrounding environment to recognize obstacles, and drives autonomously.

At CJ Logistics, the AMR’s role is to transport the goods select by the item picking work operator to the inspection and packing area. The AMR can reach the boxing workers’ station by moving along its optimized route. AMRs can help operators quickly process their assigned orders with improved efficiency. With the help of an AMR-based order-picking system, one worker can handle 120 orders per hour.



CJ Logistics leads the introduction of innovative logistics technologies to provide better solutions to our customers. We will continue to usher in the future of logistics by pre-emptively introducing advanced robots, big data, and AI-based technologies.

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