Business The Best Moments of CJ Logistics in 2021 that Led the Logistics Paradigm
2021. 12. 28

With the year’s end on the horizon, we have taken a look back at 2021, the year when the logistics industry became more important and increased its value following the boom in the contactless economy. CJ Logistics has worked hard to turn the crisis into an opportunity, to design the differentiated future of logistics, and to fulfil the corporate social responsibility by driving incessant innovations in logistics. Now, let’s take some time to briefly look back on 10 major news items for CJ Logistics in 2021.

TES Logistics Technology Research Institute Announces the Core Technologies and the Master Plan

차별화된 역량과 첨단 기술로  ‘혁신기술기업’을 향한 미래비전 선언

The CJ Logistics TES Logistics Technology Research Institute announced the core technology, engineering systems and solutions (TES) technologies and the master plan on October 20, 2021. They presented their performance and plans for technology development based on robots, AI, and big data. They also introduced technology in each of the TES areas and affirmed their determination to charge forward as an innovative company with remarkable growth by demonstrating automated guided vehicles (AGV), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and the piece picking system.

Order Before Midnight, Get it the Next Day! The Expanded e-Fulfillment Service

밤 12시 전 주문, 내일 도착! e-풀필먼트 서비스 확장

In step with the fast-changing e-Commerce market, CJ has decided to build a new fulfillment center that integrates cutting-edge technologies with a size of over 661,157m2 in collaboration with South Korea’s largest search portal, Naver, so that consumers can experience a fast and safe logistic service. In November, the company began operation of its 19,834m2 Yongin Cold Chain Fulfilment Center to expand its range of serviceable products into food. By 2023, CJ Logistics will expand the size of the convergence fulfillment by eight times by adding more key locations and centers equipped with three different temperature zones.

Expansion of AI Automation and Digital Systems

AI 자동화 및 디지털 기반 시스템 확산

CJ Logistics built virtual logistic centers that are digital twins of the real world logistic centers using which we can predict flaws via simulations and pinpoint the optimum operation methods. We spurred the development of robot technologies and commercialization of the technology in our production sites, while introducing the robot process automation (RPA) in all business areas. As a result, we managed to reduce the time required to perform simple repetitive tasks by 5,600 hours a year. CJ Logistics was also the first in the industry to commercialize robot arm depalletizers that pick up boxes of different sizes, shapes, and heights and move them to the conveyer belt.

이플렉스(eFLEXs)CJ Logistics also continued their efficient logistics operations by developing systems based on AI and big data. With eFLEXs, the integrated management system for e-commerce, we support customer business and have improved consumer satisfaction, while integrating the international logistics system with QBridge. We also replaced different forwarding systems with a single, unified system, so that CJ Logistics forwarding teams from around the world would be able to perform tasks organically. In addition, the cargo tracking system that can predict the arrival time further boosted the prediction accuracy by more than twofold.

Acceleration of the Nation-wide Overnight Service, the Key Competitiveness in the New Normal era
뉴노멀 시대의 핵심 경쟁력, 새벽배송 전국 서비스 가속화The volume of overnight deliveries has escalated as the contactless life became the norm with the coming of COVID-19. CJ Logistics signed an MOU on a logistics partnership with Market Kurly in April this year. Under the MOU, we will build an optimum logistics process by exchanging cold chain operation know-how and technologies.

The overnight service from Market Kurly was launched in May this year targeting the Chungcheong region and was expanded to Daegu starting in August. We hired delivery drivers dedicated to overnight delivery to improve the quality of service and leveraged the cold chain system. CJ Logistics will continue to develop various forms of last mile services that meet consumer demands and speed up the expansion of the overnight delivery.

Implementing the Zero-Carbon Logistics System

'탄소 ZERO' 친환경 물류 시스템 가동

CJ Logistics is also working hard to reduce carbon emissions with a plastic upcycling business and by developing environment-friendly packaging materials. In July, we formed a Zero Carbon Consultative Group together with customers, Lock & Lock and A Twosome Place. The consultative group upcycles plastics from factories and stores into brand new products. With A Twosome Place, CJ Logistics launched a campaign that collects disposable plastic cups, while it made 300 zero carbon palettes from scrap plastics generated in Lock & Lock’s production line and commercialized in logistics sites.

CJ Logistics plans to continue to develop sustainable logistics materials, such as eco-friendly cooling containers, a one-touch box that automatically packs merchandise, and to apply them on site starting in 2022. By 2030, we plan to convert 1,600 vehicles including trucks and commercial vehicles into electric and hydrogen cars. We’d like to ask you to look forward to seeing CJ Logistics’ environmentally friendly campaigns, as we lead with carbon zero initiatives and design the future of logistics.

Improved Communication with Customers by Delivering Love, Joy, and Happiness based on Digital Technology

사랑·기쁨·행복을 전하며 활짝 열린 고객과의 소통의 장

In April, CJ Logistics launched the new webpage designed to provide quality information as a content hub. Here, visitors can read press releases and social media content uploaded on company accounts and search for logistics news using hashtags grouped by content type. We also added a 1:1 inquiry button on each posting to enhance accessibility to our representatives.

In February, we released a printed advertisement that contains the brand philosophy of CJ Logistics, with which you can gain an understanding of the company’s willingness to lead the future logistics from the new brand slogan, We Design Logistics. The new sub slogan, Delivering Trust, conveys CJ Logistics’ mission to transfer not just the parcel, but also love, joy, and happiness.

Most of you may have heard of the Recommend the Best Deliverer (RBD) campaign. We received about 4,000 messages filled with fun and heart-warming stories along with consolations. We choose the best story on a monthly basis and introduce them on our official social media accounts to spread love, joy, and happiness to our customers.

Reinforced Communication with Millennials and Gen Z

젊고 역동적인 기업문화 구축, 91주년의 청년기업

CJ Logistics also celebrated its 91st anniversary and set out to improve communication with Millennials and Gen Z to build a younger and more dynamic corporate culture. Since September, CJ Logistics CEO Sin-ho Kang has met young employees on metaverse once a month. They interacted as characters in a virtual space and spoke about a vast range of topics and even had fun in events like a yes or no quiz and taking a group photo.

We also held a Future Technology Challenge Contest aimed at finding young aspiring talent in core TES technologies. A total of 464 people from 202 teams applied and drew enormous attention. The Grand Prize went to Minji Oh, a graduate school student from Chungbuk University for her program that predicts the volume of eCommerce product orders and the peak time using AI and big data, which will help the logistics center to respond in advance.

The CJ Logistics eSuperRace series was another strategy devised to captivate Millennials and Gen Z. The event is significant in that it expanded the boundary of motor sports and showed new possibilities through which the virtual and the real worlds can intersect through eSports.

Moreover, we released a song as a means to communicate with the younger generation. The Unbox-Sing song, a delivery song that expresses the joy and excitement of opening the delivery box conveyed the importance and value of delivery service. Kyungtae, the dog that was appointed as an honorary deliverer of CJ Logistics, also appeared in the music video and reportedly drew a lot of attention.

Launching a Hob Creation Model for Mutual Development, Orange Delivery and Blue Delivery

택배 상생 일자리 모델 ‘오렌지택배 & 블루택배’ 론칭

CJ Logistics is operating a job creation business for mutual development with the local community as part of the creating shared value (CSV) project. The Blue (the color of hope and independence of disabled people) Delivery is a last mile service where people with hearing disabilities pick up parcel boxes that have been transported to the delivery center in an apartment complex to homes. As contactless communication using text messages has become common nowadays, customers don’t feel any inconvenience in the process.

The Orange (the color of independence and adventure) Delivery service, which was designed to provide delivery job opportunities to women on career breaks, also saw its official beginning. The Orange Delivery established a stable system after conducting a pilot operation for 1,768 homes in LH Apartment in the second Dongtan New Town. Workers don’t need to travel a long distance and the work is not too intensive, but they can still earn a stable income from Orange Delivery. CJ Logistics will continue to expand the job creation project for mutual growth to provide sustainable jobs to vulnerable groups.

Realization of Innovative Logistics in the Global Market

글로벌 시장에서도 혁신 물류 실현

The US arm of CJ Logistics was renamed CJ Logistics from CJ Logistics America and announced a new beginning in the North American market. They will expand their sales network by utilizing the CJ brand value, which has established itself as a global brand. CJ Logistics was also recognized for its outstanding logistics capabilities by winning an order for ultra-heavyweight equipment for a natural gas treatment facility construction project in Uzbekistan.

We are also actively practicing green logistics worldwide. For example, we installed some gigantic solar power generation equipment on the roof of a refrigeration logistics center operated by CJ Jemadep, a Vietnamese logistics subsidiary of CJ Logistics. By using ecological renewable energy to power their operations, CJ Jemadep is expected to reduce 4,840 tons of CO2 annually. CJ Logistics is more than qualified to become a world-leading logistics company that raises the status of K-logistics and fulfills its social responsibility.

Brilliant Performance of Athletes Sponsored by CJ Logistics and Outstanding Sports Marketing

짜릿한 우승의 맛! CJ대한통운 후원 선수들의 활약

CJ Logistics player Seongjae Im achieved two wins by winning the final round of the PGA Tour Shriners Children's Open following his debut victory at the Honda Classic PGA Tour last year. Siwoo Kim also won his first victory since his debut at the PGA Tour American Express and went on to take second place in the regular season of the Wyndham Championship, 2021. Another player Kyung-hoon Lee won his first PGA Tour victory at the AT&T Byron Nelson.

Teenage players also did wonders. A nineteen-year-old player Joo-hyung Kim rose to stardom after he won his first championship of the season at SK Telecom Open 2021. CJ Logistics Racing’s Gwang-bin Choi made a near-perfect race and won the CJ Logistics Super Race Championship 2021. Athletes, keep up the good work in the next year!

CJ Logistics have been committed to strengthen logistics capabilities based on key businesses and become a global logistics company. We did not spare efforts to maintain our status of being a leading logistics company in Korea by presenting ecological solutions, creating jobs for the underprivileged, sponsoring sports events, and enhancing communication between generations. With the new year just around the corner, CJ Logistics once again affirms its determination to design the differentiated future of logistics. Please give us your support as we navigate our way through this journey.

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