Business All You Need to Know about International Exhibition Logistics from Rare Species to UAV
2021. 11. 30

What is the significance of international exhibition logistics? To answer this question, it is not simply about shipping goods, but rather shipping values. As the scale of exhibitions in Korea and abroad have become bigger and the type of exhibitions have become more diverse than ever before, the role of logistics companies has now become even more important. Today, we’ll look into the performance of CJ Logistics’ international exhibition logistics, as it leads worldwide exhibitions with its differentiated capabilities and keen strategies for logistics, starting from rare creatures to planes and even stage props that transform a dull stage into a stunning show.

The role and importance of international exhibition logistics in the context of the exhibition industry trend


CES, the most influential tech event in the world; CeBIT, an international show for communications devices; and Canton Fair, a China Import and Export Fair. What do they all have in common? Yes, they are all massive international exhibitions. Exhibitions boast high added value and influence, so much so that people refer to them as being “a golden industry without chimneys.” The result is that many countries around the world are now turning toward the exhibition industry. This is the very reason the role of logistics that handle these exhibits is also essential because how safely you can ship the items by loading and storing in consideration of the show schedule, expertise in customs clearance, and the use of efficient logistics equipment determines the success or failure of the exhibition.

The exhibition industry has been changing constantly keeping in line with the pandemic, global trends and the climate. In recent years, with the wave of accelerated digital transformation, a combination of online and offline shows is gaining in popularity, merging the exhibition and digital technologies together. The increased interest in new mobility, such as autonomous driving, urban air mobility, and robots, has led to widespread popularity of not just motor shows, but all mobility shows.

The exhibition sector is no exception when it comes to the task of embracing sustainable logistics. The industry is making efforts to apply carbon-reducing solutions throughout the global logistics stages, including transportation, storage, and unloading. As such, global logistics players are scrambling to deploy competitive tailored solutions, including not only safe, speedy logistics transport, but also customs clearance, packaging, display, assembly and disassembly, and handling of goods after the show (e.g. disposal, return, and donations) to establish infrastructure in step with the changing exhibition trend and provide the highest level of exhibition experience.

Customized services based on robust infrastructure for
international exhibition logistics 


CJ Logistics has conducted logistics support for numerous large-scale international exhibitions and fairs based on strong infrastructure of exhibition logistics. With the international exhibition logistics organization consist of staff members that have an average of over 10 years of experience in overseas exhibition freight, CJ Logistics offers a specialized service for packaging, transportation, customs clearance, storage with in-house storage, customs, and transportation facilities.

Our Incheon center located in A-am Logistics Complex, Sinheung-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon is equipped with a bonded warehouse, a general warehouse, a container yard, office buildings, and two vibration-free vehicles (1 ton). With these, we have handled exhibits across a variety of sectors, including motor shows that are large in scale and incur a high logistics cost, art shows that are vulnerable to vibration, broadcasting equipment that requires sensitive temperature and humidity control, and the defense industry which needs assembly and installation techniques and a high level of security.

Examples of shows that we have provided services for include CES 2020, Frankfurt Motor Show, KCON LA 2019, the Chevrolet Hall at the Seoul International Motor Show, Max Mara Show at the DDP Fashion Show, Seoul Air Show, and the transportation and carrying of goods at Defense Asia. CJ Logistics was able to provide the best service that meets the characteristics and demands of customers with a wealth of experience and know-how that has accumulated over the years.

Perfect transport of even the most complex cargo,
from living creatures to artworks

CJ Logistics’ know-how shines through when it comes to carrying delicate, special, and costly goods. An illustrative example is when we transported a pair of Aldabra tortoises, a world-renowned rare creature, to Suncheon Bay Garden Expo 2013. They are an endangered species and as they were the symbol of friendship with the Republic of Seychelles who donated the creatures, we needed a perfect plan.

In the end, we were able to transport them safely even with their sensitivity to environmental change thanks to our decades of experience in shipping live animals, such as elephants, dolphins, and racehorses. We have also transported agricultural produce, insects, and fish. When we had to ship some honeybees, we did so after sunset according to their habit of returning to the hive at night.

The Hong Kong Auction, Korean International Ceramic Biennale, and the Special Michelangelo Show by the Bank of Korea were the result of our delicate execution of the transportation project. Artworks like paintings, sculptures and photos are influenced by noise, temperature, humidity, and vibration like living things, so it is critical to store and transport them very carefully while keeping in mind the medium used and the status of the work. Owing to the advanced know-how of CJ Logistics, we can enjoy vividly world-renowned artworks even in Korea.

At Seoul ADEX 2021, CJ Logistics is also the carrier of choice for the international defense show!


CJ Logistics is also actively involved in international exhibition logistics transport for the defense industry. The most recent project was Seoul ADEX (Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition) 2021 held in October this year. The show is the representative defense exhibition in Korea where you can see R&D achievements in the defense and the aerospace sector. This year, as many as 440 companies from 28 countries took part, recording the largest scale ever, with incredible air shows that were held featuring aerobatics, short-term maneuvers, and high-altitude descent by Black Eagles.

CJ Logistics was responsible for picking up the exhibits from the KAI headquarters, installation at the Seoul Air Show, disassembly in the reverse order after the show and transport. The Seoul ADEX team showed of their meticulous logistic skills when handling large-scale, heavyweight goods such as a mock cockpit with a weight of over 1 ton and 4m rotor folding equipment.

This was possible because the company has transported such goods since 1993 when it transported goods for the Daejeon Expo ‘93, a well-known international exhibition of the time. We shipped and installed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that captivated military enthusiasts, the nation’s first unmanned tactical aerial vehicle, the Falcon, capable of detecting targets up to 200km away. In addition to models, we also transported some engine cleaning equipment that required a 5-ton truck and a forklift as well as waste storage containers.

At Seoul ADEX 2021, the KAI Metaverse booth and a VR hands-on experience zone for the navy’s training program attracted a lot of attention and drew in the crowds. For this experience, CJ Logistics delivered a mock cockpit that weighed over 300kg, PCs, maintenance training tools, and sensor holders to enable participants to enjoy the immersive world of the metaverse through a VR headset and a controller. Although the team were unable to ease their tension since they were responsible for large-sized exhibits and the small parts needed for operation and installation, they performed their tasks smoothly based on their know-how.

As we’ve discussed so far, international exhibition logistics will continue to grow in both size and quality. CJ Logistics will shape the future of international exhibition logistics based on the company’s cutting-edge logistics infrastructure and expertise in the field it has accumulated over several decades.

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