CJ Logistics Delivers the Light of Hope with their Solar Lanterns to Energy Poor Countries

- 700 CJ Logistics employees volunteered to assemble solar lanterns. They made lanterns using the DIY kits and donated them non-face-to-face to kids in Indonesia.

CJ대한통운, 에너지 빈곤국에 태양광랜턴으로 ‘희망의 빛’ 선물

CJ Logistics announced on the Jan 4, 2022 that about 700 employees had participated in the Light the World volunteer activity, in which participants make solar lanterns and deliver them to countries that lack energy. This is an eco-friendly energy sharing activity that helps children in energy vulnerable areas so that they can learn and travel at night.

The complete process was conducted non-face-to-face without the need to visit the foundation or welfare center in person. CJ Logistics employees simply put together the solar lantern DIY kits and sent them to the Miral Welfare Foundation. Since 2019, CJ Logistics has sent about 2,000 solar lanterns to poor families that lack access to electricity, such as Damsite and Ibabao in Cebu, Philippines, and Tangerang, Indonesia. Over 700 people from CJ Logistics headquarters, locations across the nation and employees from the construction sector took part in this event showing enthusiasm.

Solar lanterns only weigh 125g each so they are very easy to carry with you and the power lasts for 12 hours once you charge them fully. Since children can carry them at night when they walk in the village or study at homes, solar lanterns are anticipated to improve the children’s education in energy vulnerable areas. Furthermore, they can improve social issues by reducing crimes or fire accidents at night so locals call the lanterns the “Light of Hope.”

Joo Hwan Yoo, Packaging Technology Team, CJ Logistics, who joined the event said, “I have lived in Indonesia for several years and solar lanterns reminded me of the time when the power used to go out. So, I applied for this event without hesitation. I hope the solar lanterns not only brighten the village but also their hearts.”

A CJ Logistics official said, “We planned a non-face-to-face volunteer activity to support people suffering from energy shortages in these difficult times due to COVID-19 while protecting the health of our employees. We will continue to seek new means to help people in need and practice ESG management in a way that still keeps our employees safe.”

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