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Compliance Management

We strive for transparent and fair trading practices and a culture of self-compliance.

Compliance Program

CJ Logistics Compliance Program

CJ Logistics is looking forward to become the global top-5 logistics service provider.

Business is not all about profits. It is more about ethical corporate culture and global standard compliance. Unfair business practices and unlawful actions will ruin our decades of brilliant history and take away confidence from partners and customers. To keep our commitments, to fulfill corporate social responsibilities and to upgrade our reputation in the global market, we set out and comply with Compliance Program (CP).


CJ Logistics' Compliance Program is to cultivate transparent and fair business practices as well as regulation-observance culture. Compliance Program stipulates specific code of conducts pursuant to fair market competition legislations such as Fair Trade Law and Sub-contract Law. These high standards will encourage our employees to successfully control potential business risks and to voluntary observe all relevant laws, regulations and ordinances.

Training & Implementation

Compliance Officer who is in-charge-of CJ Logistics' Compliance Program shall have independence against internal and external stakeholders and can exercise full authority to handle non-compliance issues. By providing fair business practices handbook, online trainings and offline trainings, Compliance Officer helps every employee to comprehend fair competition laws and compliance obligations. Any non-compliance will be subject to investigation and subsequent disciplinary hearing as well as punishment.

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